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  • Pastor T.A Ralekholela

    Welcome to the official website of Gospel Fire Evangelical Ministries. We have plenty of resources you can easily use to grow your faith and walk with God. Please feel free to browse through the website in order to learn more about us. It our desire to see you developing and growing spiritually.

    May God richly bless you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Follow our calendar to stay up to date with all the events in your area and to keep up with what is happening in the ministry. For enquiries, prayer requests and any other communication, please go to Contact.

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  • Mentorship

    If you are a leader and need some mentorship and guidance in becoming a good steward of God's house, you are welcome to join our mentorship programme aimed at training and nurturing the gift that God has bestowed in you.

  • Counselling

    For spiritual guidance and advice on any matters of life, be it marriage, depression or any situation that you are facing and need God's encounter and wisdom, you are welcome to make a free appointment with the man of God.

  • Prayer Requests

    Colosians 4:2 "Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving;" Feel free to let us know of the burdens you would like to cast to God, for we are committed to praying with you all the time for the healing and restoration of God.

  • Invite Rev T. A Ralekholela

    To learn if Rev T. A Ralekholela is available on the date of the event in your ministry and desire to have him as your guest speaker, you are welcome to check on his calendar and invite him to your event.


  • Admin

    What a powerful experience it was. Gospel Fire was hosting 5 miracle nights with Benni Hinn as the guest speaker. The presence of God was mighty in Tsakani and so many people's lives were changed. God is wonderful.

  • Admin

    This is the time of revival in this days God is doing a new thing in this country through His church. We thank Him for what he has done yesterday in Gospel Fire: in De deur