About Us

Rev Annanius Ralekholela and Mrs. Emily Ralekholela are the founders and evangelists of Gospel Fire Evangelistic Ministries International which is an inter-denominational ministry working with all churches and denominations. Our passion is for the lost souls and to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth. Conducting mass tent and open-air crusades we are able to reach thousands of unsaved people. Every crusade or outreach is conducted together with the local churches in the area to ensure meaningful follow-up. With every gospel campaign we have witnessed miracles and healings that only Jesus could do.

For the past 21 years we have seen deaf ears opening, tumours disappearing, people walking who were unable to do so before, these are just a few of the notable miracles that take place at these crusades.

We believe that it is important for basic teachings and discipleship programmes for pastoring and leading the people of God, we also prioritise the knowledge that saints belongs to Jesus and not any Pastor or leader, the church belongs to Jesus Christ and not any man, we also don't teach people how to preach or teach the word of God but acknowledge that they have their unique calling bestowed in them by God.

Gospel Fire materials like cds, and dvds as well as the television ministry together with internet we minister to hundreds upon thousands of people young and old in this country and parts of Africa and the world at large. We have “Gathering of Eagles” an equipping ministry to the body of Christ, teaching and preaching in various churches and seminars on Soul-winning and Evangelism, stirring the fires of revival in people’s hearts. But our main passion is to reach Africa with the Gospel.

For this great work to continue we need businessmen and women and everybody to be part of this great ministry. Time is short and we live in a big world that is in need of hearing about the love of Jesus before the end comes.

Rev. Annanius Ralekholela is an international firebrand tent Evangelist; faith healer and humanitarian based on a plot in De Deur, Johannesburg; South Africa. This luminary is dubbed the South African Billy Graham that emerged after the deaths of Nicholas Bhengu and his mentor Richard Ngidi from KwaZulu-Natal, Rev TA Ralekholela rose to prominence after the era of the German Evangelist, Reinhard Bonnke, whom he met at the Apostolic Faith Mission in the `80’s. He has grown from a 7000-sitter tent to a gigantic tent that could sit 25 000 people.

Today he preaches in arenas and stadiums all over the world. When pressed to describe this legendary man of the cloth, his biographer, Oupa Mamabolo, could only say, "the old man spits fire. Evangelist Ralekholela is our home-made preaching machine.